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Our-Resource is a website which collects, curates and hosts a variety of resources on Autonomous Resourcing. It has been imagined as a comprehensive online space to exchange ideas around funding, resourcing and building feminist movements. 

Our Conceptual Framework: The Autonomous Resourcing Tree

Feminist activists who resource autonomously have been coming together as a community over the last few years and have generated a wealth of ideas around this practice. It was then consolidated in a series of knowledge-building workshops in 2021 with advisors from the movements to build this conceptual framework.

The Our Resource platform was developed by and for feminist activists and movements, with support from AWID as part of its Resourcing Feminist Movements Intiative’s project on Autonomous Resourcing.

Our Resource is a product of numerous conversations, sharing, and co-creation over the last five years with powerful feminist activists from around the globe. Thank you to those who proactively led and participated in co-creating this knowledge:

  • Alejandra Sardá-Chandiramani
  • Almut Rochowanski
  • Angelika Arutyunova
  • Ani Hao
  • Catherine Healy
  • Chayanika Shah
  • Cindy Clark
  • Daniel Fonkatz
  • Eka Imerlishvili
  • Fenya Fischler
  • Gopika Bashi
  • Hakima Abbas
  • Inna Michaeli
  • Jabari Tiche Tirop-Salat
  • Janette Akhilgova
  • Joey S Joleen Mataele
  • Kamardip Singh
  • Kamee Abrahamian
  • Kellea Miller
  • Lina Isma’il
  • Lucia Brenes
  • Marija Jakovljević
  • Nani Zulminarni
  • Nerea Craviotto
  • Nicole Farnsworth
  • Nino Ugrekhelidze
  • Rochelle Jones
  • Roula Seghaier
  • Rasha Sansur
  • Shreya Shah
  • Late Dr. Smarajit Jana
  • Tenzin Dolker
  • Urmila Shrestha
  • Verónica Vidal Degiorgis
  • Victoria Tesoriero
  • Yasmin Che
  • Zana Krasniqi


  • Cecilia (“Ceci”)
  • Rodriguez Oddone.


  • Studio Ping Pong


  • Aarthi Parthasarthy